Just a few of our many FIVE STAR customer reviews from TripAdvisor.com

Having just returned from Savannah, someone asked me today what the highlight of my trip was. Without hesitation, I answered that it was Shannon Scott’s Bonaventure tour. I was a bit surprised at my own answer because there is so much that I love about Savannah. I will admit that I would have been very disappointed if I had arrived for my tour and someone other than Shannon was there. I came to know of him through the amazing Sixth Sense tours that I had taken previously. Fortunately, he was the one to lead my tour. First of all, how many people promise a two hour tour and give you three hours? People who love what they do, that’s who. Shannon is passionate about what he does and it shows throughout his tour. He gives very thorough history instead of canned bites of information. He has great respect for those he speaks about. I had been to Bonaventure before and was entranced by the Corinne Lawton statue. I photographed it, but knew nothing about her. I was so excited when Shannon led us to her family plot. I heard everything I wanted to know about her and her family. I doubt I would have gotten that on any other tour. The information is delivered with a delightful mixture of gravity and humor. I hope to do the evening tour on my next visit. Do yourself a favor and put this tour at the top of your “things to do in Savannah” list.

Chicago, Illinois

The tour was so informative and a lot of fun. It was great to get the accurate stories from a historian. We got so much more out of the cemetery tour than we would have on our own.
Christa S

A wealth of history comes alive from the Bonaventure Cemetery as Shannon Scott brings some of the residents alive with their stories. Really interesting and fun to tour the cemetery. Walked for 3 hours, history lesson was interesting for adults and (teen) kids.
Edgewater, Maryland

Bonaventure Cemetery is the final resting place of such luminaries as Conrad Aiken, Harry Hervey, and Johnny Mercer, but the living illuminator is artist, historian, and storyteller Shannon Scott. His three-hour walking tour when we visited in April 2015 was fascinating, humorous, charismatic, and brought Bonaventure to life.

If you are planning a trip to Savannah, make plans to visit the nearby town of Thunderbolt and spend a few hours in historic Bonaventure Cemetery with Shannon Scott. Bring some bug spray to repel the sand gnats, and enjoy the walk down memory lane.

Jacksonville, Florida

We had the privilege of touring Bonaventure Cemetery with Shannon as our guide and was highly satisfied with our experience. He was highly informative concerning Savannah’s rich history as well as interesting sub stories of people buried there. I have reflected back so much on his introduction to the tour where he explained the difference in a graveyard and cemetery. It’s so evident that the purpose of Bonaventure Cemetery was and still is to celebrate life. It is by far, the most beautiful burial place I’ve ever seen. It almost makes you envious of the dead to see their view and the gorgeous scenery around. The live oaks with the Spanish moss contribute a sort of haunting all of themselves.
Keep in mind, at the time of our tour, Shannon was only giving morning tours. If you schedule the 2:00, you’ll be with a different guide. Also, you’ll want to wear comfortable shoes, as you’ll be walking/ standing for nearly 3 hours.
Nashville, Tennessee