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Bonaventure Cemetery

No Savannah trip is complete without visiting, and learning about Bonaventure Cemetery Tours, the most famous Savannah GA cemetery, Bonaventure. 6th Sense’s Savannah’s original Bonaventure Cemetery Tours includes one of our Master Storytellers to guide you over two full hours through her 100+ acres and reveal old Savannah places and things that just can’t be understood or experienced by simply going there on your own, or spending your time getting on/off a sightseeing tour bus. Among the top things to do in Savannah, the famous Bonaventure Cemetery has been voted in the top 10 most beautiful cemeteries in the world. John Berendt gave Bonaventure Cemetery stories to us in his novel’s pages, “Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil.” 6th Sense Tours will introduce you to famous people buried in Bonaventure Cemetery, including songwriterJohnny Mercer, Little Gracie, Pulitzer Prize poet Conrad Aiken, author and screenplay writer Harry Hervey. You’ll hear about Bonaventure Cemetery Tours enough“every day” Savannah folks’ stories that you’ll be dizzy with southern storytelling and old Savannah images that will keep you coming back again and again for a Lifetime!