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The South’s Best Walking Tours 2021

Take to the sidewalks to explore the sights of the South. One of our favorite ways to explore a new place is with a walking tour. Led by knowledgeable guides armed with fun facts, fascinating stories, and lots of experience, these tours share new perspectives on spots we know and love. Whether it’s a tour…

So Where is the Bird Girl?

If the citizens of Savannah Georgia had to choose a single, iconic image to represents the city, you would be hard pressed to find a Savannahian that would not choose photographer Jack Leigh’s 1993 image titled “Midnight.” Leigh’s photograph depicts a grave monument in Bonaventure cemetery featuring a bronze statue of a slender girl in a full…


“A MUST-DO TOUR” Reviewed January 25, 2016 Spellbinding tales told in a hauntingly beautiful setting. We had visited Bonaventure on our own but are very glad we returned for the guided tour. Our guide Shannon, as much actor as tour guide, made the stories he told come alive. The best experience we had in Savannah….


By Angela Lynn Just a few of our many FIVE STAR customer reviews from TripAdvisor. “Having just returned from Savannah, someone asked me today what the highlight of my trip was. Without hesitation, I answered that it was Shannon Scott’s Bonaventure tour. I was a bit surprised at my own answer because there is so much that I…